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jde::debugger::Protocol Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for jde::debugger::Protocol:

jde::debugger::command::DebugCommand jde::debugger::Debug jde::debugger::DebuggeeProcess jde::debugger::DebuggeeSIO jde::debugger::EventHandler jde::debugger::JDE jde::debugger::Jdebug jde::debugger::JDEException jde::debugger::Main jde::debugger::ObjectStore jde::debugger::Rep jde::debugger::spec::EventRequestSpec

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Detailed Description


Repository of all commands sent from jde to jdebug, and all lisp functions sent from jdebug to jde


jdebug: The java side of the debugger

jde: The emacs side of the debugger. Also used in general terms to mean JDE itself.

JDE: The java development environment

debugger: Usually the java side, also used in general terms to mean the full debugging framework

debugee: The application being debugged. Usually means the VM of the application, as against the VM of the debugger.

application: Same as 'debugee'

VM: The java virtual machine. During debugging, the debugger VM connects to the debuggee VM through a socket/shared memory (the latter is possible in case of Win9x/NT)


The commands will be ASCII strings delimited by spaces, and will end with a BR .

      debugee_vm_id command_id command [optional_args]

debugee_vm_id a number that is assigned during handshake between the emacs and the jde sides, representing a specific debugee vm.

if (id == -1), the command is not specific to any debugee vm.

'app_id', 'vm_id' 'id' & 'debugee_vm_id' are synonymous.

command_id an id that helps match a command and its response.

'cmd_id' 'cid' & 'command_id' are synonymous.

command plain text command

optional_args arguments for the command. can use "" for arguments with white spaces.


The replies to these commands will be ASCII too, in lisp forms, and will also end with a BR . They will either by "result" or "error":

      (jde-dbo-command-result command_id [optional_args])
      (jde-dbo-command-error command_id reason)

debugee_vm_id, command_id as above

optional_args if required

reason a string, containing the error message

Event Sets See here

Created: Thu Jul 8 13:44:10 1999

Amit Kumar

Definition at line 108 of file Protocol.java.

Static Public Attributes

static final String ATTACH_SHMEM = "attach_shmem"
static final String ATTACH_SOCKET = "attach_socket"
static String BR = System.getProperty("line.separator")
static final String BREAK = "break"
static final String CANCEL_TRACE_CLASSES = "cancel_trace_classes"
static final String CANCEL_TRACE_METHODS = "cancel_trace_methods"
static final String CANCEL_TRACE_THREADS = "cancel_trace_threads"
static final String CLEAR = "clear"
static final String COMMAND_ERROR
static final String COMMAND_RESULT
static final String CONNECTED_TO_VM
static final String DEBUG
static final String ERROR
static final String EVALUATE = "evaluate"
static final String EVENT_BREAKPOINT_HIT
static final String EVENT_CLASS_PREPARE
static final String EVENT_CLASS_UNLOAD
static final String EVENT_EXCEPTION
static final String EVENT_METHOD_ENTRY
static final String EVENT_METHOD_EXIT
static final String EVENT_OTHER
static final String EVENT_STEP_COMPLETED
static final String EVENT_THREAD_DEATH
static final String EVENT_THREAD_START
static final String EVENT_VM_DEATH
static final String EVENT_VM_DISCONNECT
static final String EVENT_VM_START
static final String EVENT_WATCHPOINT_HIT
static final String EVENTSET
static final String EXIT = "exit"
static final String FINISH = "finish"
static final String GET_ARRAY = "get_array"
static final String GET_LOADED_CLASSES = "get_loaded_classes"
static final String GET_LOCALS = "get_locals"
static final String GET_OBJECT = "get_object"
static final String GET_OBJECT_MONITORS = "get_object_monitors"
static final String GET_PATH_INFORMATION = "get_path_information"
static final String GET_STRING = "get_string"
static final String GET_THREAD = "get_thread"
static final String GET_THREADS = "get_threads"
static final String INTERRUPT = "interrupt"
static final String INVALID
static final String JDE_BUG
static final String JDE_INIT_DEBUG_SESSION
static final String KILL_THREAD = "kill_thread"
static final String LAUNCH = "launch"
static final String LISTEN_SHMEM = "listen_shmem"
static final String LISTEN_SOCKET = "listen_socket"
static final String MESSAGE
static final String QUIT = "quit"
static final String REPORT_IDS_IN_USE
static final String RESUME = "resume"
static final String RUN = "run"
static final String SPEC_RESOLVED
static final String STEP = "step"
static final String SUSPEND = "suspend"
static final String TRACE_CLASSES = "trace_classes"
static final String TRACE_EXCEPTIONS = "trace_exceptions"
static final String TRACE_METHODS = "trace_methods"
static final String TRACE_THREADS = "trace_threads"
static final String WARNING
static final String WATCH = "watch"

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