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jde::debugger::command::DebugProcessCommand Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for jde::debugger::command::DebugProcessCommand:

jde::debugger::command::DebugCommand jde::debugger::Protocol jde::debugger::command::Break jde::debugger::command::CancelTraceClasses jde::debugger::command::CancelTraceMethods jde::debugger::command::CancelTraceThreads jde::debugger::command::Clear jde::debugger::command::DebugThread jde::debugger::command::EvaluateExpression jde::debugger::command::Finish jde::debugger::command::GetArray jde::debugger::command::GetLoadedClasses jde::debugger::command::GetLocals jde::debugger::command::GetObject jde::debugger::command::GetObjectMonitors jde::debugger::command::GetPathInfo jde::debugger::command::GetString jde::debugger::command::GetThis jde::debugger::command::GetThread jde::debugger::command::GetThreads jde::debugger::command::Interrupt jde::debugger::command::KillThread jde::debugger::command::Resume jde::debugger::command::Run jde::debugger::command::Step jde::debugger::command::Suspend jde::debugger::command::TraceClasses jde::debugger::command::TraceExceptions jde::debugger::command::TraceMethods jde::debugger::command::TraceThreads jde::debugger::command::Watch

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Detailed Description


Created: Fri Jan 28 21:58:06 2000

Paul Kinnucan

Definition at line 29 of file DebugProcessCommand.java.

Public Member Functions

abstract Object clone ()
void init (Integer procID, Integer cmdID, String cmdName, List args) throws JDEException
void run ()

Static Public Attributes

static final String ATTACH_SHMEM = "attach_shmem"
static final String ATTACH_SOCKET = "attach_socket"
static String BR = System.getProperty("line.separator")
static final String BREAK = "break"
static final String CANCEL_TRACE_CLASSES = "cancel_trace_classes"
static final String CANCEL_TRACE_METHODS = "cancel_trace_methods"
static final String CANCEL_TRACE_THREADS = "cancel_trace_threads"
static final String CLEAR = "clear"
static final String COMMAND_ERROR
static final String COMMAND_RESULT
static final String CONNECTED_TO_VM
static final String DEBUG
static final String ERROR
static final String EVALUATE = "evaluate"
static final String EVENT_BREAKPOINT_HIT
static final String EVENT_CLASS_PREPARE
static final String EVENT_CLASS_UNLOAD
static final String EVENT_EXCEPTION
static final String EVENT_METHOD_ENTRY
static final String EVENT_METHOD_EXIT
static final String EVENT_OTHER
static final String EVENT_STEP_COMPLETED
static final String EVENT_THREAD_DEATH
static final String EVENT_THREAD_START
static final String EVENT_VM_DEATH
static final String EVENT_VM_DISCONNECT
static final String EVENT_VM_START
static final String EVENT_WATCHPOINT_HIT
static final String EVENTSET
static final String EXIT = "exit"
static final String FINISH = "finish"
static final String GET_ARRAY = "get_array"
static final String GET_LOADED_CLASSES = "get_loaded_classes"
static final String GET_LOCALS = "get_locals"
static final String GET_OBJECT = "get_object"
static final String GET_OBJECT_MONITORS = "get_object_monitors"
static final String GET_PATH_INFORMATION = "get_path_information"
static final String GET_STRING = "get_string"
static final String GET_THREAD = "get_thread"
static final String GET_THREADS = "get_threads"
static final String INTERRUPT = "interrupt"
static final String INVALID
static final String JDE_BUG
static final String JDE_INIT_DEBUG_SESSION
static final String KILL_THREAD = "kill_thread"
static final String LAUNCH = "launch"
static final String LISTEN_SHMEM = "listen_shmem"
static final String LISTEN_SOCKET = "listen_socket"
static final String MESSAGE
static final String QUIT = "quit"
static final String REPORT_IDS_IN_USE
static final String RESUME = "resume"
static final String RUN = "run"
static final String SPEC_RESOLVED
static final String STEP = "step"
static final String SUSPEND = "suspend"
static final String TRACE_CLASSES = "trace_classes"
static final String TRACE_EXCEPTIONS = "trace_exceptions"
static final String TRACE_METHODS = "trace_methods"
static final String TRACE_THREADS = "trace_threads"
static final String WARNING
static final String WATCH = "watch"

Protected Member Functions

Long addIdentifiableRequest (EventRequest e)
void deleteIdentifiableRequest (Long id) throws JDEException
abstract void doCommand () throws JDEException

Protected Attributes

Map identifiableEventRequests
JDE jde = JDE.getJDE()
Jdebug jdebug = Jdebug.getTheDebugger()
DebuggeeProcess proc
ProcessRegistry procRegistry = ProcessRegistry.getRegistry()

Package Attributes

List args
Integer cmdID
String cmdName
Integer procID

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